Israeli Army Chief of Staff Warns Judicial Amendments Will Impact Military Efficiency

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Warns of Negative Impact of Judicial Amendments

Israeli army chief of staff Herzi Halevi predicted on Saturday that the passage of the judicial amendments would hurt the efficiency of the army.

“A Show of Strength”

Simultaneously, tens of thousands of protesters marched on the main highway leading to Jerusalem on Saturday night in the latest show of force aimed at blocking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to reform the justice system.

More than 100 former Israeli security chiefs have signed a letter calling on the Israeli prime minister to suspend the legislation.

4 Day Trip

With the arrival of the protesters, the main entrance to the city has been transformed into a sea of ​​blue-and-white Israeli flags as protesters completed the last leg of a four-day journey that stretched 70km from Tel Aviv to the Israeli parliament.

The protesters joined hundreds of others and planned to camp outside the Knesset, or parliament, ahead of Monday’s vote.

Threat of Arrest

Israeli army radio reported on Thursday that the military may arrest reservists who threatened to disregard military service as part of protests against government plans to pass justice reforms, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to crack them down.

“Excessive Powers”

Netanyahu said on Monday the government would take action against what he described as disobedience among soldiers, which encourages Israel’s enemies to attack it and undermines democracy.

Netanyahu and his far-right allies say reform is needed to curb what they say are the excessive powers of unelected judges. But their critics say the plan would destroy the country’s system of checks and balances and set it on the path to authoritarian rule.

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