Israeli caught in drug bust in Dubai would be smuggling half An ton of cocaine

An Israeli man who was arrested in Dubai on suspicion of there was drug trafficking in the game in a plan to smuggle half An ton of cocaine to the United Arab Emirates, Hebrew media reported on Sunday.

Halil Dasuki, 31, from Lod, was arrested last week in the UAE.

The reports came when Emirati police showed 500 kilograms of cocaine – worth $136 million – die as part in was seized of an operation called “Scorpion.” Dasuki is suspected of involved in plans to smuggle the drugs into Dubai and from there to Israel, Channel 12 news reported.

Israeli police cooperated with Dubai Security Officers in thwart shipment and gave them a tip off, according to the report, which alleged that Dasuki had Israeli accomplices, of die fled the UAE as soon when he was arrested. Local police are busy met tracks down more of the suspects.

Israeli crime organizations bring drugs to Israel from South America via Dubai and Police Services in the two countries have worked together to thwart such efforts, Channel 12 reported.

dasuki, who was arrested on Thursday is “under pressure and afraid they will execute him”, a friend of the suspect told the TV network. The source said that Dasuki has been moved to a more Certainly prison and a charge on serious charges will be filed in the next few days.

“someone took benefit of Halil, because he doesn’t have the economic one ability to fund a deal like that,” said the source, adding that Dasuki’s family is “in shock and think someone set it up on target. They are really afraid that they will execute him.”

drug smugglers face possible death phrases in the UAE, but in practice, executions are rare. The family a local lawyer in Dubai hired who could visit him in jail, said the station, representing him? in a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sunday.

Dasuki’s Israeli lawyer, Uri Ben-Natan, will only be able to make contact with it in the next few days, via the local lawyer, according to the Walla news website.

Ben-Natan told Walla that after he met Dasuki. had represented, in the past in “no particularly serious cases”, he believes his client “cannot be involved” in drug trafficking of die huge proportions die attributed to him by the Dubai police.”

the United Arab Emirates, made up of seven emirates, including Dubai, has a zero tolerance policy to drugs possession.

Agents recently foiled a smuggling attempt of 500 kilograms of pure cocaine into the country,” said a Dubai police statement. “The narcotics, worth more over 500 million dirhams ($136 million) in street value, were goodhidden within the structure of a freight container.”

Police said they foiled the smuggling attempt after receiving a tip over a freight container die transported the contraband through a seaport. There was no way of cooperation with Israeli authorities. They noted that a suspect of “Middle Eastern descent” was arrested in the operation, and he was described as an intermediary for An international drug syndicate.

Israeli caught in drug bust in Dubai would be smuggling half An ton of    cocaine

Illustrative: Emirati police and other officials inspect a docked boat in a fishing port in the Jumeirah district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 16, 2012. (AP Photo/Almoutasim Almasky/File)

“Once the shipment arrived, the suspect transported the illegal drugs to another emirate and stored them in An warehouse with the target of selling and promoting the harmful toxins,” said Eid Mohammed Thani Hareb, director of the anti-narcotics department, according to the statement.

the explanation added that security agents raided warehouse and caught the man in the act.

Law enforcement also published a video of the undercover operation to intercept the narcotics die were launched after they received the tip…off of the shipment.

The State Department said on Friday it had none yet information on the case.

Dasuki is well known to law enforcement agencies in Israel and has a criminal past, the canoe public broadcaster reported on Friday. Last year, a police stab in Israel where half one kilogram of cocaine caught Dasuki and his brother. Although charges have been filed against the brother and others, the report said there was not enough evidence to indict Dasuki himself.

Israel and United Arab Emirates normalize ties last year when they signed the US-brokered Abraham Accords, with Bahrain. The UAE has since become a popular tourist and business destination for Israelis and Dozens of thousands have visited the emirates. Visa-free travel between nations went in effect on Sunday.

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