Israeli Commander: We continue to prepare for any scenario of confrontation with Iran

The commander of the Israeli home front command, Major General Ori Gordin, said Sunday evening that his country is preparing for any scenario of confrontation with Iran.
Israel threatens Iran with thousands of missiles on its soil

He stressed Israel’s readiness to face any missile attack it might be exposed to, in response to an Iranian threat to launch such attacks.

He added: “Israel is ready to respond to missile attacks, including the launching of thousands of missiles on its territory.”

fortify the home front

Gordin also stressed that Israel must “continue its preparations and improve its readiness to face this scenario, as well as fill the existing gaps in the field of fortification of the home front”.

And Saturday, i media Iranians have released a video clip showing a simulation of the process of targeting the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona, while some media they later revealed the video’s falsity, posting more videos showing the model’s explosion from inside and not from missiles fired at it, as Iran claimed.

The clip showed a series of large mechanisms that carried ballistic missiles and another mechanism that carried a series of suicide drones.

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