Israeli fighter aircraft raided in a “rocket production site” belonging to Hamas

An Israeli army spokesman said warplanes raided on Monday. in what he described as a site for the production of rocket-propelled grenades belonging to the Palestinian Hamas movement.

Spokesman Avichai Adraee added on Twitter that the Israeli raids also included a “military compound in Khan Yunis,” noting that there was a cement factory used to build tunnels.

Adraee added that the factory is located near civilian facilities, “including educational facilities, mosques and water structures”.

The Palestinian news agency, Israeli warplanes, “bombed a site west of Khan Yunis with two missiles, which resulted in its destruction and ignition and damage to the property of neighboring citizens, but no injuries were reported.” .

The agency also said F-16 warplanes were flying intensely in the region’s airspace.

Previously, i media Palestinians reported hearing an explosion west of Khan Yunis.

The Palestinian agency Shehab reported that Israeli warplanes bombed the Al-Qadisiyah site, west of Khan Yunis, with several missiles.

In a related context, Palestinian TV Al-Aqsa reported that Israeli artillery fired rockets into the atmosphere of the Beit Hanoun checkpoint in the northern Gaza Strip.

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