Israeli government cuts fuel prices

Today, Sunday, the Israeli government announced that it will cut fuel prices by 1.5 shekels per liter starting at midnight.

In this regard, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said: “The cost of living in Israel is a national issue. The one who thinks that they have a monopoly on some products is mistaken.

“For 15 years, nothing has been done about the living wage, but this government is different,” Lapid added. “The price of gasoline will be reduced by 1.5 shekels per liter in the middle of the night. We have started the reform.” in imports and we are determined to move forward at full speed.”

And he added: “The Ministry of Economy and Industry has published comparative data on major products, and there is a gap of tens of percentage points… I urge the Israeli public to buy wisely… You can cut your spending by tens of percent.” percentage points.”

Lapid continued: “The cost of living is a national issue. Families can’t finish the month. Check and compare prices. Virtually every product on the market has similar higher quality products at a much lower price. If we work together, government and citizens, we will lower the cost of living.” live together.”

Source: RT