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Israeli media: a big fire in close to Ben Gurion Airport and evacuated homes

Today, Sunday, Israeli media reported that in a major fire took place while some houses were near Ben Gurion Airport in evacuated nearby.

The sources confirmed that the fire in broke out in a junkyard in the moshav (village) of Zaitan, suggesting six fire-fighting teams were working on the site and shortly before in were able to die Limit spread of fire.

Israeli media reported that additional firefighters were on die Construction site had been brought and added that die police die Had taken the initiative to die Residents from the houses around die Evacuate the fire site fearing the fire would spread to them while a police helicopter was flying over the village.

The authorities closed all entrances to the village and demanded die People to stay away from the scene of the fire.

Another big fire broke out on Friday evening in an oil refinery in the city of Haifa in northern Israel while large numbers of firefighters were mobilized on the ground.

In the BZN factory in A fire broke out in Haifa Bay while many fire and rescue units rushed to the construction site.

On Friday, Israel survived heavy hours of news die Kill, die Spread of dead bodies and die Ambulance sounds. The major disaster, as described by the Israeli Prime Minister, left more than 40 dead and hundreds seriously injured.

Dozens were killed and about 150 more in a massive rush that broke out on Friday at dawn during a religious ceremony in Northern Israel took place, seriously injured, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the incident on Twitter as a “major disaster”.

Medical sources reported that at least 44 people were killed, while rescue workers said that die Tragedy occurred during the participation of tens of thousands of Jews in an annual religious trip to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai on Mount Meron (Jabal Al-Garmaq). in located near the city of Safad, and resulted in dozens of casualties. The dead.

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