Israeli Occupation Forces Raze Farmland and Assault Palestinians in Beit Lahiya and Jericho

Israeli Military Actions in Gaza Strip and Jericho

The Israeli occupation forces have recently intensified their military actions in different parts of Palestine, causing widespread damage to property, farmlands, and civilian lives. These actions are a clear violation of international laws and human rights, and are constantly condemned by the international community.

Beit Lahiya Under Attack

On a recent day, the Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by several military vehicles, entered Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip and started razing farmland. This is not an isolated incident as it has become a common practice of the Israel forces to demolish farmlands and destroy crops to deprive the Palestinians of their livelihood.

Furthermore, they arrested a young Palestinian, assaulted several others and raided several houses in the city, which resulted in increased fear, tension, and insecurity among the local population.

Aqabat Jaber Camp & Jericho

The Israeli occupation forces also stormed the Aqabat Jaber Camp in the city of Jericho and delivered a notice to demolish a house for a Palestinian prisoner. This has caused alarm and anxiety for the family members and relatives of the prisoner.

These actions by the Israeli occupation forces are unjustifiable and demand condemnation from the international community. They are a barbaric attempt to suppress the people of Palestine and impose control over their land and resources. The ongoing Israeli occupation must end so that the Palestinians can live in peace, dignity, and security in their own homeland.

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