Israeli occupation kills a Palestinian girl with a bullet in head

On Monday, December 12, 2022, the Israeli military initially admitted that it “accidentally” shot a Palestinian girl in the city of Jenin, in West Bank. As a result, she was killed after being shot in the head.

Earlier, the Israeli military claimed, in a statement, which was “investigating the circumstances of the killing of Jana Zakarneh (16), while she was on the roof of her house in Jenin last night”.

However, the Israel Broadcasting Authority said on Monday: “A preliminary investigation conducted by the Israeli military showed that a force fired on the roof, where the girl was, after a shell was detected from the area.” And the authority added: “At this stage, the Israeli military has not yet reached any conclusive conclusions in the investigation into the incident.” The commission said: “The Israeli military is investigating whether she was shot while observing activity in the eastern district of the city from the roof of a house.”

The Israeli commission added that the Israeli military is investigating “whether she was standing next to gunmen and was wrongly identified as a suspect, or if she was on a low roof and accidentally walked into the line of fire when she was shot at.” And the authority continued: “The Israeli army claims that the girl was inside the battlefield and it is very likely that she was shot by the security forces.”

On Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced in a statement: “Jana Majdi Issam Zakarneh was martyred, after being shot in the head by occupation soldiers during their storming of the northern West Bank city of Jenin on Sunday evening.”

Also on Sunday evening, Anatolia quoted local sources as saying that an Israeli special force raided the eastern neighborhood to arrest one of the wanted youths, and clashes with armed Palestinians erupted in thearea “Bayader”.

Palestinian medical sources said 3 Palestinians were injured by bullets from Israeli forces during the clashes. Sources of the media Israelis also indicated that the reason for the arrest was suspicion of planning armed operations against Israeli targets. For months, the West Bank has been witnessing a significant escalation of tension against the backdrop of renewed clashes between the Israeli army and settlers on one side and Palestinians on the other.