Israeli Plane Attacks Jenin Camp: One Dead, Several Injured in Military Operation

Israeli Attack on Jenin

For the second time, an Israeli plane attacked a site inside the Jenin camp on Sunday evening.

Operation in Jenin City

In detail, the Palestinian Health Ministry said Israeli forces killed one person and injured another in an operation conducted during the night in the city of Jenin in the West Bank.

Military Operation

Resident sources said an air-fired missile destroyed a house.

He confirmed that the army conducted a military operation in the northern West Bank, during which the air force launched a series of field raids, resulting in one death and several seriously injured.

While the Israeli military has said it is making “major efforts to combat what is happening” in the area of the city and in its large refugee camp.

He added that the targeted location was a reconnaissance room, a meeting place for gunmen, and a communications center.

He pointed out that the headquarters have been used as a haven for wanted activists for conducting operations in recent months, according to his statement.

Extensive Operations

Interestingly, the Israeli military had previously hinted at the possibility of carrying out a large-scale operation in the northern West Bank, escalating Palestinian operations against Israeli targets.

Recent Israeli military operations have reminded Palestinians of the invasion of Jenin camp in April 2002, in which 58 Palestinians were killed, according to United Nations statistics at the time.

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