Israeli Prime Minister: We want stronger positions against Iran in Vienna

While the eighth round As Iranian nuclear program talks continue in Vienna between Tehran and world powers, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday that world powers should take a firmer stance in nuclear talks with Iran.

To this, he added in an interview with Israel Army Radio, “Of course there can be a good deal. Of course we know the criteria. Should this happen now in the present circumstances? No, because there has to be a firmer position.”

Weak position

He also said: “Iran is trading from a very weak position, but unfortunately the world is behaving as if it were. in a strong position “.

In this context, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned on Monday that Israel is ready to act alone against Iran if necessary.

“Of course we prefer to work in agreement with international cooperation, but if necessary we will act alone, “Lapid told the Foreign Affairs and Defense Commission.” We are defending ourselves, “he stressed.

We have provided information.

He explained: “We have provided our allies with a great deal of rigorous information on the Iranian nuclear program, and this was not just opinions and positions, but factual information showing that Iran is deceiving the world. in completely systematic way “.

He also explained: “All he cares about is lifting sanctions and pumping billions of dollars into his nuclear program” and the money in turn goes to Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq and the “terrorist network they spread. in Worldwide”.

Notice of extended negotiations

Israel opposed the relaunch of the agreement, warning the signatories of the agreement about the risks of prolonged negotiations, resumption of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or a new agreement that would fail to stop a nuclear Iran.

Earlier this month, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran had begun enriching uranium up to 20 percent purity at the Fordow plant, a plant that had been banned in China. original nuclear deal.

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