Israeli raids on Hamas-affiliated “Salah al-Din” site

The Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent reported that Israeli warplanes launched several raids on Hamas’ “Salah al-Din” site in central Gaza on Saturday morning. On the other hand, a missile was launched from the Gaza Strip, which was intercepted by the Iron Dome battery.

An Israeli army statement states that “the Hamas movement fired a missile from the Gaza Strip at Israeli citizens in southern Israel” before dawn on Saturday, explaining that “the anti-missile shield intercepted it”.

In response, the army launched a series of attacks on Palestinian Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip after months of relative calm in thearea.

There have been no reports of casualties in Gaza either in Israel, who intercepted the rocket launched at Ashkelon, triggering sirens and prompting residents to enter the air-raid shelters.

There was no immediate response from Hamas, nor an announcement of responsibility from any of the other groups in the Strip.

The border between Israel and Gaza has been relatively calm since May 2021, when Israel and Palestinian militants fought an 11-day war.

Although Saturday’s cross-border shootings do not seem to indicate a wider escalation, violence has increased in the occupied West Bank in recent months and in Israel.

Yesterday, Friday, three young Palestinians were killed in the city of Jenin in West Bank, in a firefight with Israeli forces who were conducting an operation in thearea. Hamas said one of the three killed was a local leader of the movement, stressing that his death “will not go unpunished”.

The talks of pace mediated by the United States to establish a Palestinian state in East Jerusalem, in The West Bank and Gaza collapsed in 2014 and there is no sign of their revival.

US President Joe Biden is expected to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders during a visit to the region in July.

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