Israeli troops said: arrest family members of fugitives in Raids in the West Bank

Israeli troops arrested family members of several Palestinian fugitives during nighttime raids in the northern West Bank, Palestinian media reports said Wednesday morning, as the massive manhunt continued for the six escaped security prisoners.

Among those allegedly arrested were relatives of Mahmoud and Mohammed Al-Arida in the city of arraba, in near Jenin.

The brothers are members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group who were serving life sentences when she and four others escaped from Gilboa prison early monday in what is considered one of the most serious jailbreaks in the countries history.

Videos on social media showed a convoy of armored military vehicles driving through Arraba, where clashes were reported between Palestinians and Israelis soldiers.

A Palestinian injured by Israel fire during the clashes was taken to a hospital for treatment, according to reports.

The Palestinian reports said that troops also arrested the father of Munadil Nafayat in the nearby town of jaabad. He was reportedly released hours later on.

Nafayat, a member of Islamic Jihad, was kept under rule detention – die allows the captivity of suspects without reporting for security purposes — at the time of the prison break and is the only fugitive die has not been charged with An crime.

Also Wednesday, Hebrew media reports said the Israel Prisons Service refrained from transferring Islamic Jihad prisoners die stuck in the Ofer prison in the West Bank to other facilities after threats of riot.

“They’re just scared of them”, an unnamed prison service official was quoted by the daily Haaretz.

The prison service said: in answer that it kept wearing out the order to disperse members of Islamic Jihad among various prisons, adding that an unspecified number of prisoners who resisted moving shall face disciplinary action.

Citing a Palestinian source, the newspaper further reported that a guard at Gilboa prison attacked at night, with Hamas-affiliated prisoners throwing boiling water on it. The prison service said the incident was under control and the guard was not injured.

Israeli troops said: arrest family    members of fugitives in Raids in the West Bank

Police officers and prison guards inspect the place of An prison escape outside the Gilboa prison in northern Israel, on Monday, September 6, 2021. (AP/Sebastian Scheiner)

On Tuesday, Islamic Jihad sent armed men ahead to Jenin of expected Israeli raids in Search of the six prisoners, who are considered very dangerous.

By with the brothers Al-Arida and Nafayat, two of the other fugitives are also members of Islamic Jihad. The terror group has made several threats to Israel since the escape, warning against raids in Jenin and against take action against the group’s members in Israeli prisons.

“When the IDF Comes In” [Jenin] it will be met with considerable firepower from many weapons and explosives,” the group said at a press conference on Tuesday in jenine.

The other escapee is Zakaria Zubeidi, a notorious commander in Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade of Fatah terror group, who used to be in prison while on process for two dozen crimes, including attempted murder.

According to channel 12 news, Fatah also forwarded members to Jenin of expected IDF raids.

Many Palestinians see the Jenin camp as a likely refuge for some of all of the six escaped. All of the fugitives come from the Jenin area, which has largely become a no-go zone for the IDF and Palestinian Authority security forces.

Palestinians carry a poster of the Islamic Jihad terror group, lecture in Arabic: “The second great escape from the prisons of the Zionist enemy – Saraya Prison from 1987 – Gilboa Prison 2021”, following the escape of six Palestinians from an Israeli prison, in Jenin Refugee Camp in the northern West Bank, on September 6, 2021. (JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP)

Channel 13 news reported that the police successfully followed the route de men took shortly after the flight from the prison, and didn’t have found any evidence that the men crossed of Israel’s borders as of Tuesday night, indicating that she is likely to in Israel of the West Bank.

The IDF believes that the six men divide up better dodge capture, and may be armed, the report said.

The military has strengthened his powers on the border met Gaza because of some fear of the escapees can try to reach the Palestinian enclave. A victory celebration with the fugitives and the leadership of the Hamas terror group would probably ignite and already tense Gaza, TV reports noted.

the IDF also extra troops sent to the border with Jordan, as the authorities some suspected of the fugitives would try to flee to Israel’s eastern neighbor.

Monday escape has caused uproar in Israel’s prison system. Senior officials of the prison were summoned for Interrogate on Tuesday evening, the Kan public the broadcaster reported. earlier in die On that day, at least 14 prison staff were questioned by the police because they suspected the escapees had received help.

Prison officials and police are widely denounced for lapses die made it possible escape, with a litany of blunders that could cause the outbreak occur in the first place, and a failure to understand the seriousness of the situation for multiple hours after it happened.

Authorities said they had not made any breakthroughs in the quest for the terrorists as of Tuesday night, but according to Hebrew and Palestinian reports, three suspects were arrested on suspicion of helping the fugitives.

Israeli Border Police in the village of Find Nau’ra for six Palestinian fugitives who escapes from high security prison in northern Israel, on September 7, 2021. (Flash90)

Police invaded neighboring Arab towns of Na’ura and Tamra, located in the northeast of Afula, and ransacked mosques. Numerous checkpoints have been placed in the area.

The three suspects have been arrested in Na’ura, the reports say. The detainees were suspected of helping six pause out of the prison of flight the area subsequently.

Authorities suspect the fugitives are breaking up up according to the escape from Gilboa prison. They ran about 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) after crossing the hole below the prison walls, police officials said. there, some of they boarded an outing vehicleChannel 12 reported.

The six escaped via a tunnel in the drainage of their cell system, although officials said a security flaw meant they didn’t need excavate to create a passageway out.

Security officers are the most concerned that the six men could wear out a terrorist attack against Israeli burgers However leading figures have shown that this is unlikely.

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