Israel’s New Administration for America: We Will Renew Peace with the Palestinian Authority

Israeli media reported on Monday, die New administration has assured Washington die Resume peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

She said that die Government of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid have assured the United States that they die Advocate resumption of final status negotiations.

Today gave die Knesset announced that Yair Lapid in was able to form a government and a date for die Voting is determined.

Israeli Knesset spokesman Yariv Levin announced last Saturday that die Knesset on June 14th with the vote on die Government of Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett will begin.

Under the agreement, Naftali Bennett will be appointed by the national- Yamina religious party to be Prime Minister for two years, to be replaced by centrist Lapid in 2023.

Validation reconciliation

According to Israeli law, a vote must be held on die Adopt a new government within 7 days of its presentation in the Knesset will take place.

Israeli media reports suggest that die “Government of Change” most likely die will get the necessary number of votes.

Performed in a hotel near Tel Aviv die Parties long arduous conversations before die Coalition was formed. In front of the hotel, in the die Coalition negotiations took place, hundreds of demonstrators, both supporters and opponents of the Change Coalition, gathered under a strong police presence.

Israel’s New Administration for America: We Will Renew Peace with the Palestinian Authority

Supporters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a demonstration against die Government-Forming Coalition – Tel Aviv AFP

7 parties in the coalition

Lapid was forced to sign separate agreements with the seven parties in order to die Build coalition. Belong to this coalition die right-wing party “New Hope” of former ally Netanyahu Gideon Sa’ar and die “Israel Our Home” party of the right-wing nationalist Avigdor Lieberman.

Also die centrist blue-white party of Defense Secretary Benny Gantz, Labor and die left Meretz party joined them.

There are deep discrepancies between the parties die will form this coalition how die Position on the establishment of a Palestinian state and die Position of religion in the state, in addition to its values, die range from liberalism to socialism.

The United Arab List agreed to join the coalition late Wednesday.

Mansour Abbas with his partners in the Israeli government

Mansour Abbas with his partners in the Israeli government

admission in die Arabic list headed by Mansour Abbas. from the brotherhood

Mansour Abbas of the Brotherhood, head of the “List,” represented by four MPs, “signed the coalition agreement to form a unity government,” it says in a statement from the office of opposition leader Yair Lapid, who had until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday evening to inform the Israeli President that he had gathered enough votes to die next to form government.

“I signed an agreement with Yair Lapid (…) after we in Israel have made a number of important agreements on various issues die are in the interests of the Arab community, “said Abbas in a television announcement.

Abbas’ support is the first such step for an Arab party in Israel for decades.

Abbas, 47, said he received budget allocations and commitments to fight crime in the Arab sector in Israel.

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