Istanbul city council reveals a suspicious deal for its former president

A spokesman for the Mayor of Istanbul, who is from Turkey’s largest opposition party, has blown a big surprise in the country after announcing a huge financial deal involving the former mayor, who is the ruling Justice and Development Party under president Recep. was a member of Tayyip Erdogan, said Murat Ongün, spokesman for Ekrem Imamoglu, the current mayor of the greater Istanbul area.

In detail, Ongun stated that die Istanbul municipality lost an enormous amount of money estimated at 110 million dollars after former mayor Kadir Topbas sold a property belonging to the municipality in Istanbul’s Fatih district to a company, die possibly one of his son-in-law Omar Faruk Kavormagi. The deal was closed in 2011, however die Communal inspectors discovered die Matter a few days ago.

According to information from From the Istanbul Municipality Inspection Board, a construction company affiliated with the former mayor’s son-in-law bought 6,348 square meters of land from Fatih Municipality, die The municipality is connected to the greater Istanbul area in 2011 for 25 million Turkish lira (then about 13 million Turkish lira) and then sold the same property for 430 million lira (then about 123 million dollars) die Istanbul Municipality, die means the community has incurred losses of $ 110 million.

Istanbul city council reveals a suspicious deal for its former president

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu

A source from Istanbul City Council’s intelligence service announced that Imamoglu has formally asked the Interior Ministry to investigate those responsible for the deal, but die Authorities have not yet taken any action.

The current value of the land that is sold once and then on die Returned to Istanbul Municipality is estimated at more than 73 million liras (equivalent to 636,000 US dollars), and die current community objected to the sale, which lasted about 10 years ago, for what it called “a person’s self-interest”, in Based on the former mayor and his son-in-law, die essential elements in the sale and repurchase of the land.

This deal isn’t the first of its kind and isn’t limited to die City of Istanbul: The mayors of Ankara, Mardin, Diyarbakir and other Turkish cities had previously revealed that former presidents, die belonged to the ruling party, have wasted the budgets of the communities they run.

And Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu had previously described Imamoglu as “ignorant and knows nothing and must know and adhere to his limits” after he had canceled financial transfers to some companies related to the Justice and Development Party and a waste of money on suspicion of corruption .

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