It comes from a friend .. Watch out for this message on WhatsApp!

The WhatsApp application has warned of fraudulent messages coming to its users’ accounts in the form of written words, and the strangest thing is that the messages already come from friends.

He pointed out during an awareness campaign in cooperation with a consumer protection authority in Great Britain that this is a new method of fraud, asking during its campaign to take three basic steps: “Stop a little, think, call”.

While the campaign aims to alert potential victims of the new fraud method and how to deal with it, according to British Sky News, it noted that 59% of Brits either received fraudulent messages or knew someone who had been exposed to it last year.

fraud method

Often hackers using the “friend method.” in difficulties “ask to send a code, asking the victim to return it, and this allows the criminals to hack the account.

WhatsApp has therefore confirmed that if a user receives a suspicious message, they must take the easiest and fastest way to verify the matter, which is to contact the owner of the message directly or ask him to send a voice message.

The point is to make sure it’s really the person behind the “suspicious” message.

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