It included 10 names … a new government reshuffle in Jordan

On Thursday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II issued a royal order approving an amendment to the government of Bishr Hani Al-Khasawneh.

This is the fifth amendment to Al-Khasawneh’s government and included 10 ministries, in under which Nasser Sultan Hamza Al-Shuraida became Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for the Modernization of the Public Sector.

Engineer Wajih Tayeb Abdullah Azaiza was appointed Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs.

Engineer Ahmed Maher Hamdi Tawfiq Abu Al-Samen was appointed Minister of Public Works and Housing and Minister of Transport, and Azmi Mahmoud Mufleh was appointed Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Youssef Mahmoud Ali Al-Shamali was appointed Minister of Industry, Trade and Procurement and Minister of Labor.

And Faisal Youssef Awad Al-Shboul, the government’s communications minister.

It also appointed Wafa Saeed Yaqoub Bani Mustafa, Minister of Social Development, and Kholoud Muhammad Hashem Al-Saqqaf, Minister of Investments.

With the new amendment, Nancy Ahmed Ibrahim Namrouqa was appointed Minister of State for Legal Affairs and Zeina Zeid Rashad Toukan, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

Official Jordanian sources confirmed on Wednesday that Al-Khasawneh had asked ministers to resign. in view of a new government reshuffle.

Khasawneh’s government had witnessed several events that sparked public opinion, including the incident of an oxygen outage. in a government hospital that led to several deaths among Corona patients, in addition to the gas leak incident in the port of Aqaba, the latest of which was the collapse of an apartment building in Amman, which resulted in civilian casualties.

Jordan, severely affected by the problems in Iraq and Syria suffer from difficult economic conditions, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic.