It is not the first time. Biden violated protocol during his meeting with the King of Spain

US President Joe Biden continues his missteps and lapses in his political career in this prominent position in his country, and the last of the series appeared in an act contrary to protocol and an anti-NATO declaration!

The first stumbling block occurred in Madrid, where the NATO summit is taking place, Biden first handed over to the Queen and not to the Spanish king Felipe VI, contrary to what is required by the protocol of the ceremonies in such occasions.

And then, after taking a picture with their wives, the American president almost hugged the Spanish queen with a wave of his hand!

On the second occasion, it was reported that Biden, during his talks with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, betrayed him and slipped his tongue, describing NATO as a threat to himself, and stated in this regard: ” The bottom line is that the alliance together threatens our positions. “

However, this time around, the US president corrected himself immediately, noting that the alliance together “fights threats and strengthens its position against threats from the east and experiences from the south.”