It is wrong to store all kinds of fruits together

Dr. Elena Solomatina, a Russian nutritionist, advises against storing certain types of fruit next to each other.

The expert notes that, for example, apples are not recommended to be placed next to bananas. Because bananas in this case will quickly ripen, and then rot. The same thing happens with oranges.

“Bananas and apples should not only be stored together, but also next to other fruits and vegetables, because they contain ethylene, which speeds up the ripening of other foods,” she says.

She recommends not putting them in the same bag or storing them in the same basket. And if you want to speed up its ripening, you can place an avocado nearby.

And she adds that bananas, mangoes, and kiwis are fruits that also produce ethylene, so they can speed up the spoilage of other fruits.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.