It Turns Out That Scott Pilgrim Is Keeping a Joke Hidden About Ramona’s Hair

Scott Pilgrim, the comic series created by Bryan Lee O’Malley, is filled with clever humor and meta gags that have made it a cult favorite. One hidden gem in the series is a meta-joke about Ramona Flowers’ hair color that cleverly plays with the transition from black and white to color editions of the comic.

The Original Joke in Black and White

In the second volume of the series, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Ramona surprises Scott and Wallace with her new hair color. Scott asks if it’s her natural color, and Ramona jokes that it could be, slyly nodding that the book is presented in black and white. This meta-gag adds a layer of humor for readers aware of the comic’s original format.

The Color Edition Twist

However, in the color edition of the book, it is revealed that Ramona’s hair is blue. While the dialogue remains the same, a note points out that the joke was funnier in the black-and-white edition when her hair color was ambiguous. This clever twist acknowledges the change in the comic’s presentation and adds another layer to the meta-joke.

Scott Pilgrim’s Meta Gag Mastery

The comic series revolves around Scott’s journey to win Ramona’s heart by battling her evil exes, and it’s filled with irreverent humor and clever touches. The meta joke about Ramona’s hair is a prime example of the series’ ability to turn an error into a clever trick, embracing the change from black and white to color editions charmingly and innovatively.

The meta joke about Ramona’s hair color in Scott Pilgrim showcases the series’ attention to detail and ability to play with its format. Acknowledging the transition from black and white to color editions, the comic turns what could have been a mistake into a clever and charming gag that adds another layer of humor for fans. It’s just one example of the series’ mastery of meta-gags and creative storytelling.

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