It was a proud moment for me to hit the ground for the first time in England’s jersey: Root

Chennai, Feb 4 (PTI) England captain Joe Root, who is preparing to play his 100th Test match, spoke of the match on the occasion when he first landed for his country and he was always glorious for him. There will be a moment. Root made his fourth Test debut in Nagpur in the 2012 series and will now play his 100th Test match against the same opponent and lead the team. Root said on Thursday, “I believe that wearing the England jersey for the first time was the most glorious moment.” He said that playing his first series with a legendary batsman like Kevin Pietersen was a dream come true. He considered Peterson his ideal since his teens. Root said, “I remember when I got down to bat, Kevin Pietersen was at the other end and I grew up watching him play. I was smiling because my childhood dream was coming true. ”