‘It was me of he’: Canadian sergeant who shot fellow officer testifies | Canada

A Canadian police officer who was shot nine times by a colleague is now on process for anywhere over the confrontation die began over a bathroom break.

Officer Nathan Parker, 55, of the Niagara Regional Police Department, is accused of anywhere with a weapon designed to resist arrest and assaulting a police officer after an alleged assault detective Sergeant Shane Donovan.

On Tuesday, Donovan told a court in Ontario that he barely knew Parker when the two were working on An collision reconstruction scene in rural Ontario in November 2018. Donovan was leading the operation when he ordered Parker to stop residents of using the route.

The court heard that Parker left the scene and became defensive when Donovan asked him to remain. Parker said he had to leave to… use the bathroom.

‘You talk met a sergeant,” Donovan told him, he said.

But the confrontation escalated when Parker… out of to be vehicle and pushed Donovan, the court heard.

“You’re Under” arrest for attack,” Donovan told Parker.

Donovan told the court that Parker kept walking towards him, throwing a “haymaker” punch and hit him.

The sergeant said he up his hands in vomit and went back to his vehicle. But he was beaten again by Parker, who then drew his police-issued baton.

For fear that a strike on the head could be fatal, Donovan signed his gun.

“Oh you want to do this?” said Parker who knocked out his own weapon.

“I knew of he got the firearm” up on me, then he would kill me – and it was me of him,” said Donovan. “So I fired my gun until he dropped his gun.”

Investigators found ten shell casings at the scene.

“My belief was that my life was in danger’ said Donovan. “He is” already attacked me, hit me three of four times.”

Donovan told the court that his… experience with Parker was the first time die he ever had drawn to be gun.

A medical examination found four gunshot wounds on Parker’s left calf, his lower abdomen, his left hip, and the back of his right foot. He also had wounds through his nose and cheek, as well as his left shoulder and thigh.

Ontario’s special research unit, die shootings met police officers, initially charged in against Donovan, including attempted murder, but the charges were later dropped.

Donovan will continue his testimony on Wednesday in only the judge.

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