‘It will save thousands of lives’. United States Senate Weapons Possession Bill

On Tuesday, members of the Democratic and Republican parties in the US Senate prepared a bill that would impose limited restrictions on the possession of firearms. in a reform step unprecedented in decades, although it does not meet President Joe Biden’s minimum requirements in this field.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the text “which is backed by bipartisanship is progress and will save lives. While not exactly what we wanted, this legislation is absolutely necessary.”

“This is the most important legislation against gun violence in nearly 30 years, ”Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said on Twitter.

He added that this text “will save thousands of lives”.

Notably, according to Murphy, the bill would provide support for state-by-state laws that would allow authorities to remove firearms from anyone deemed dangerous.

The text also requires the mandatory verification of criminal and psychological background for every young person aged between 18 and 21 who intends to purchase a firearm.

The bill also includes a number of measures to counter the illegal sale of firearms.

This text is the result of an initiative launched in the aftermath of the massacre that killed 21 people, including 19 children, who were shot dead by a young man who broke into their school in Yuvaldi, in Texas, in late May.