Italian Foreign Minister: The European Central Bank raised interest rates negatively for Europe and our real economy

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tagiani said that the European Central Bank’s interest rate hike is not good for Europe or for Italy’s real economy.

“Without prejudice to the independence of the European Central Bank, it is not good for Europe and the real Italian economy to raise interest rates,” Taiani added, speaking on the second day of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the European Central Bank. Brothers of Italy.

The Secretary of State said that it was right for the Federal Reserve because inflation is domestic, but inflation in Europe is caused by rising energy prices, and the tool to stop inflation in Europe is to set a ceiling on gas. Prices.

“But the assumption that the increase is only 0.50 and not 0.75 seems to suggest that we can move in the direction that I and my fellow ministers, as well as sane people in Europe, would like.” he added.

On Thursday, the European Central Bank raised its key interest rate by 0.5 percentage points, choosing to tighten monetary policy more moderately than in previous months, while demonstrating its determination to fight inflation.

Source: Italian agency Aki.