Italian Minister: The European Commission will present the final draft of the gas price ceiling on November 24

Italy’s Environment and Energy Minister Gilberto Becchetto Frattin said that the European Commission has prepared a draft document that includes a mechanism for setting a dynamic price ceiling for natural gas.

The minister indicated in an interview published on Saturday in the newspaper La Stampa that the final version of the document would be presented at the EU summit on 24 November.

According to him, Italy is generally positive about this proposal. He added: “So far we have an unofficial proposal from the European Commission proposing a dynamic price ceiling. The final text will be submitted to the European Council on 24 November and we will go over the details. Maybe something can be improved, but in general, our requests were taken into account.” According to him, in this way it is possible to counteract speculation in the market and contain the rise in energy prices for private companies and families.

The minister confirmed that the floating gas processing plant will be installed off the coast of Bombino, despite the objections of local authorities, with a service life guarantee of no more than three years.

The minister noted that he personally does not oppose the use of atomic energy, but the decision on this issue should be taken by the parliament of the next meeting and the government.

Source: TASS