Italy: armistice in Libya threatened by mercenaries and militias

Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini said the ceasefire in Despite the progress made at the political level and the formation of the Libyan government of national unity, Libya is “fragile”.

In a joint hearing with the Defense Committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate, he said today, Thursday: “A sensitive political process is taking place in Libya that has developed against the background of a fragile ceasefire that is being carried out by die Presence of foreign mercenaries is threatened and militias. “

This comes at a time in that the process of the return of “mercenaries” of the Turkish loyal Syrian factions from Libya is still stalling, like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights today in confirmed in a report.

The Turkish government has, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the past few days also intended to send a new group of 380 mercenaries to Libya. The group was initially in die Brought to Turkey and sent from there to Libya.

Growing dissatisfaction among the in Libya mercenaries present

This is on die growing dissatisfaction of the in Mercenaries present in Libya about their stay there and their non-return, especially since their conditions there are very bad according to the observatory.

The Syrian Observatory published on the third of this month that the process of repatriation of Syrian mercenaries, die Loyal to Turkey, Libya has stalled since March 21, at a time when die Mercenaries are supposed to leave there and return to Syria in Batches.

And die Turkish side “is still evasive and is maneuvering with the return file amid the constant dissatisfaction of the fighters present there,” according to the observatory.

The terms of the mercenaries in Libya “are very bad in Regarding their lack of salaries and strong desire to return. “

A group of 120 fighters from the “Sultan Murad faction” returned to Syria from Libya on March 21.

The observatory fears that “die Return of a few of them is a Turkish maneuver and only a return of the media since it is in Libya still has more than 6,630 mercenaries “, so die Sources of the observatory from the mercenaries.

The observatory indicated “Turkish intentions, groups from the Syrian factions in Keeping Libya loyal to die to protect Turkish bases there, and many mercenaries do not want to return to Syria, but rather go to Europe via Italy. “

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