Italy condemns Iran’s execution of protesters… and considers it a ‘red line’

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Taiani said today, Wednesday, that violence against protesters in Iran is unacceptable, and he expressed the hope that Tehran will choose the via of the dialogue.

He also indicated that the death penalty is a “red line”, especially when used against government opponents, according to the Italian news agency Nova.

Furthermore, the Italian minister said a meeting with the Iranian ambassador in Rome, Mohammad Reza Sabouri, was dedicated to Italy’s official condemnation of the “suppression” of demonstrations in course in Iran.

The Iranian Organization for Human Rights has announced that the death toll from the demonstrations that have been taking place in the country for more than three months has risen to 476.

The organization said that among the victims of the demonstrations killed by the security forces in Iran there were 64 children and 34 women. He indicated that at least 100 protesters are currently at risk of execution or charges leading to this punishment.

And while the human rights organization “Hrana” has announced that the rate of executions in Iran rose to 88% in 2022, compared to last year, popular protests continue in several Iranian cities.

According to the organization “Hrana”, the number of those against whom death sentences were passed or carried out in Iran during questhe year amounts to 565 people, of whom 11 are women and 5 are prisoners under the age of 18, ie they are considered children under international law.

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