Its harm is greater than its benefit What happened to the closure in Great Britain?

It was not known and will not be known at the time what was the best way to contain the Corona, the professor Mark Woolhouse, an infectious disease expert at the University of Edinburgh, said the damage caused by the closure resulting from the outbreak of the Corona virus outweighed its benefit.

He added that Corona is “highly discriminatory,” as some people are more at risk than others, including the elderly and people with severe health problems. According to the Guardian newspaper.

bad answer

He stressed that the generalization of the severity of the virus and the consequent isolation of all and the application of closure procedures in various parts of the country caused severe damage. “It is this failure to understand the wide differences in individual responses to Corona that has led to Britain’s erroneous responses to the emergence of the disease and its imposition of a long-term national blockade,” he added.

To this, he added, “we have caused severe damage to our children and young people who have been robbed of their education, work and normal life, as well as damaging their material future, as they inherited a mountain. record of public debt “.

Herd immunity again

However, Woolhouse rejected requests to fully open up the company, while allowing the coronavirus to spread among people to gain herd immunity.

    Professor Mark Woolhouse, infectious disease expert at the University of Edinburgh
Professor Mark Woolhouse, infectious disease expert at the University of Edinburgh

The UK expert added that the UK has spent a fortune killing the virus and will continue to pay the resulting debts for generations to come, while it has spent next to nothing to protect the vulnerable in society, considering the closures indicate the failure of public health. policies.

Interestingly, the Office of National Statistics in Britain confirmed that more than two million people were infected with “Covid-19” in the week before Christmas and that the highest infection rate was in England, where it was confirmed that one in 25 were infected.

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