ITV Boss Dame Carolyn McCall Ordered to Give Evidence on Phillip Schofield’s Exit and ITV’s Safeguarding Measures

ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall ordered to give evidence to parliamentary committee

ITV CEO Dame Carolyn McCall, 61, has been ordered to present evidence to a parliamentary committee regarding the broadcaster’s safeguarding and complaint-handling measures. The committee will question McCall about the company’s practices following the departure of This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield, 61. Schofield left the show after reports of tensions with ex-co-host Holly Willoughby, 42. He departed the company entirely after revelations of his affair with a much younger colleague. ITV has since commissioned an external review, which McCall will discuss during her appearance.

Martin Frizell ‘made a mistake’ over aubergine comment, says Dame Carolyn McCall

Frizell apologises for flippant comment

Dame Carolyn McCall has criticised a remark made by This Morning editor Martin Frizell. Responding to a journalist’s question about a perceived culture of bullying on the show, Frizell noted he disliked aubergines. While the comment was unfortunate, McCall defended ITV and said that it did not reflect the broadcaster’s culture. Committee members noted that the casual remark said much about the atmosphere on the show.

Phillip Schofield is ‘receiving counseling funded by ITV’

ITV offering Schofield support

Dame Carolyn McCall revealed that since his departure from the show, ITV had continued to offer support to Phillip Schofield. She disclosed that the broadcaster had arranged counseling, paid for by ITV and that they had provided support to his former lover. There are no gagging orders in place to prevent Schofield from discussing his situation, the committee heard.

Dame Carolyn McCall asked if Phillip gave runner ‘preferential treatment’

Runner’s connection with Schofield queried

Discussing the preferential treatment that a runner supposedly received, Dame Carolyn McCall was pressed about Schofield’s part in the situation. McCall responded that runners were encouraged at ITV and there were many opportunities available for those who were interested. The runner in question had been introduced to ITV by Schofield, she added.

Dame Carolyn McCall claimed the ‘vast majority of people at ITV feel looked after’

ITV CEO defends company culture

In the face of questioning over ITV’s culture, Dame Carolyn McCall defended the broadcaster, saying that the vast majority of its employees felt looked after. The company had received only two complaints in five years, she said, one of which had come from Dr Ranj Singh, who had spoken about toxic working conditions. McCall added that ITV fostered a culture of feedback and encouragement and that whistleblowers were valued and protected.

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