Ivanka Trump provides insight into President Donald Trump’s state of mind after his indictment

President Donald Trump can always count on his eldest daughter and senior White House advisor, Ivanka Trump, to be one of his noisiest cheerleaders, no matter how scandalous he has been.

The businesswoman and all her family flew to Florida with POTUS to celebrate Christmas.

Before doing so, she sat down for an interview where she gave a glimpse of the recently deposed Trump’s soul and state of mind.

Like all Republicans supporting the former reality TV star who became a politician, Ivanka rejected the dismissal of the third president in history as “raw partisan politics”.

According to Ivanka, who appeared on Face the Nation, the action of the Democrats led by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, energized her father.

The first girl brought in data to support her statement: “He said he didn’t even feel like he was being charged.”

She went on to say to Margaret Brennan, “It is fairly unprecedented that support for the impeachment has declined over time as more information has been presented to the American people. It has decreased, not increased. So, with all this time gone by, with all these witnesses who did not know firsthand, with all these people who marched before the American people, support for this action has diminished. So, you know, I think he sees it for what it is, which is really just crude partisan politics. “

Ivanka continued to boast of her father’s solid foundation: “Like more than 63 million voters who elected him to power. It is historic, as you can see. And in many ways, including the fact that this is the first purely partisan indictment. The only bipartisan thing was the vote against the continuation of the proceedings. ”

Trump reacted to the news of the impeachment by saying, “Angry at the waste of time. Angry at collateral damage. Angry, but still energizing. And that really focuses you and highlights the striking contrast of priorities. “

One person had this reaction: “The zero-based indictment and pure hatred. Democrats are tyrannical. The next five years will be difficult for them. And if the country continues to function well financially, you will never see power again. The future of the Democratic Party is pure socialism. “

One voter said: “He hasn’t even been indicted Nancy but is too afraid to send the resolution; they will be null and void, or the dems will be destroyed during a trial in the Senate. “

This observer revealed, “My heart was in joy when I saw this woman abandon Agent Orange ???? member by member. – Defend the last hope of humanity (democracy). History will always remember your warriors fighting well. Orange Lies Matter. “


2020 will be an interesting election to follow.

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