Ja Rule publishes a song that speaks directly to the FYRE festival called FYRE – Read the lyrics

Ja Rule is back with his first song in a long time and it seems like he just wants to continue going viral at this point. Years after Coachella’s failure which went terribly wrong, Ja Rule abandoned a song called FYRE.

Rule always insisted that he had no role in swindling the participants of their money or the employees of their checks and supported this statement even after being heavily involved in the Netflix and Hulu documentaries.

Recently, he was laundered in a $ 100 million class action against angry FYRE fans who were bamboozled and lost.

The New York native took the signal to keep talking about him on social media by posting a song that talks about almost everything that went wrong on that fateful day.

Some words speak of having to face the court of public opinion.

“For your real entertainment, I will tell you how this shit came down from the mouth of the horse / Without D.A. or the plaintiffs, but in people’s court, baby, they will hang you like their ancestors.”

While other words ask if the victims of Fyre have received a refund.

‘Warmer than the sun, but it wasn’t that / Raised hand if you get your money back? / I’m just playing, I was sued for that / $ 100 million to be exact / I know that you lack empathy for whoever is me / But I too was bamboozled and misled.

The rapper made his debut on Instagram with a mixed opinion.

Some found it hilarious that the artist turned his misfortune into a marketing opportunity for his new album while others felt that he made fun of the people he scammed.

“F ****** awesome! Lmao! Like! It’s so much you, “wrote one.

“You should be in jail next to Billy!” Added another subscriber.

One fan said, “It’s time for you to give up rap. It is genius, however. “


What do you think of the song?

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