Jack Wilshere: Depressed thoughts don’t care of you’re a footballer, it’s…

Former Arsenal, West Ham and Bournemouth midfielder Jack Wilshere says It is important for football players speak out over their sanity and realize that it is not a weakness.

Wilshere made almost 200 total apparitions over 10 years with Arsenal, and scored one of the biggest goals in the Emirates Stadium when he finished off a fantastic one team move against Norwich in 2013.

He broke in at Arsenal first team old just 16 and would be from Arsenal future, but now at 29, are future is up in the air after he left Bournemouth in May and is without a club ever since.

Wilshere told air sports over the challenges of mental health of football players, saying “When I spoke out that I was training on my own, that I had these thoughts of: ‘what am I training’ for?’

“Everyone’s reaction really – but above all people in the game die i respect ex-players, people that I watch up reach out tell me you still have a lot to do give – the made me even more hungry to come back and just enjoy mine football again.

“Us As” players must be willing to talk up, talk over our feelings and realize it’s not a weakness, it’s actually very brave and people shall help you as you need help.”

Speak on a event in London, Wilshere said opening up and talk over has mental health made An big difference in his life.

He said: “The biggest feeling is relief – sometimes you don’t even know it know that you hold on to these feelings.

“Some people might think it’s normal to have these feelings, especially if you’re a footballer and things aren’t going well, you doubt everything.

“I Always Thought Speak” out of met talk to someone – especially in the media – would almost come across as a weakness because the general perception of footballers is that ‘they have everything, what do they have to moan about? They have a great life.’

“It doesn’t matter the depressive thoughts of you are a football player. I think it’s important to talk.” out.”

Arteta: Door always open for Wilshere returns to training

Earlier team-measure of Wilshere’s and current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta admitted last week he would like allow Wilshere to train with the club, saying: “He is someone die I know who I shared the dressing room with, someone who is so loved in the neighbourhood club with everyone here and our doors are always open.”

Wilshere, who was the player of Arsenal of the year and elected PFA Young Player of the year in the 2010-11 season and also had 34 caps for England, said “I spent the majority” of my life in Which clubI gave a lot to that club.

“To hear the manager – who I played with, who I had a good relation with, I really enjoyed it playing with him, sharing the dressing room with him – to hear him come out and saying the door is always open is nice.”

Wanted of he would accept Arteta’s offer? up, Wilshere said: “It can only be help me.

“Hanging around good players, education with world-class players and also just being in An team environment is something i in am interested in.

“I am sure that I will have a conversation with someone at the club over the next couple of to dawn.”

Wilshere spoke as part of a mental health campaign between CALM and Original Penguin.

If you’re having trouble met related to this piece of want to talk please get in touch met the Samaritans on the toll-free helpline 116 123, of visit the website.

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