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Jacqueline Fernandez serves meals amid Covid-19 crisis


Jacqueline Fernandez came forward at play His part in the current situation of Covid-19 in India by serving meals to the most vulnerable.

Many Bollywood Stars Take Different Approaches help relieve the people of India.

Health, economy and jobs and depression are the leading Questions people are facing during this second vague.

Bollywood celebrities try to help people Is with oxygen, meal, financially or by just boost morale.

Previously, Jacqueline Fernandez had launched a foundation called “You only live once”.

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This foundation collaborate with several NGOs who are dedicated to help people during the pandemic.

The actress has now visited an NGO, ‘Roti Bank’, in Mumbai and helped prepare and distribute meals to vulnerable people people.

Take from Instagram, Jacqueline Fernandez shared photos of his activities at the ‘Roti Bank’ with her social media followers.

She can be seen preparing food in the kitchen and the shed out meals to those in need.

Jacqueline Fernandez also wrote a note along with images.

She began son message with a quote from Mother Teresa. She said:

“Mother Teresa once said: ‘Peace begins when the hungry are fed ”.

“I was truly honored and inspired to visit Mumbai’s Roti Bank today, which is run through former Mumbai Police Commissioner Mr. D Sivanandan. “

Bollywood actress is gone on praise the organization, saying:

“The Roti Bank prepared and distributed meals to millions of hunger people to this day, even during the pandemic.

“They are the perfect example of what the cuteness brigade aspires to do and I am honored to be of help to them during these times. “

Jacqueline Fernandez a also urged others to step up and help those in need during this difficult time. It added:

“We only live once!

“Let’s make this life worth that by helping others in need and share the stories of kindness of those around us! “

Previously, Salman Khan had also took the same initiative to help prepare and distribute meals to the needy people.

He had set up food truck who drove to different places, serving meals to those in need.

Other celebrities in India are also using their influential power to raise funds or collaborate with organizations to provide medical supplies to hospitals.

Some even help people make face with mental stress and depression.

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