Jade, Tekashi’s girlfriend 6ix9ine, publishes a cryptic message about her boyfriend with a new photo

It seems that Sarah Wittley, Tekashi’s girlfriend 6ix9ine, mainly known as Jade, expects to be reunited with her partner shortly after their separation.

Jade, who met the controversial rapper a few days before his incarceration, posted a mysterious message on social media that caused many fans to wonder what was happening.

The model and her mother shared a picture of her and Tekashi holding hands in a vehicle. She subtitled the photo with a heart emoji and the words “31 days”.

After the post, many social media followers began to wonder whether Jade really believed that his boyfriend would be out in a month and many said that if Tekashi’s girlfriend published such a message, then he had to be true.

However, it seems that the meaning behind Jade’s words is not that the music star will be released after 31 days, but that her sentence will be canceled after that time.

Initially, the rapper was to receive his sentence on January 24, 2020, but the date was finally postponed to Wednesday, December 18 at 10 o’clock.

Shortly after the start of his relationship with Jade, the rapper was handcuffed by the federal government for being accused of racketeering conspiracy, firearms offenses, and many others.

Initially, he may have been sentenced to many years in prison, but it was recently learned that he had reached an agreement with the authorities: he could avoid serving his sentence by testifying against other gang members.

Jade posted an emotional message saying how hard 2019 was for her without the rainbow-haired rapper.

She wrote: “Everyone knows that all this year 2019 is dead without you !!! I find it funny to see that every time someone drops an album or a new song, he says something about 6ix9ine. They could never compare the numbers are there. PLATINUM, touring the world, they could NEVER women lie, men lie! NUMBERS ARE NOT “

One person said, “You’re so excited … I bet you’re downloading his new music … a $ 10 million deal before he gets out!”

She added, “Everybody yells that rat … But if they were in the same situation, guess what you’re going to be on the rat bus too. I did not condone what he did, it was good, but if a mf tried to kill me after putting money in the bag, everyone pocketed hell with them. But on the other hand, he knew what he was embarking on. He should have just left when all the bullshit started. And he found another label and continued with his music. He would not have been in this situation. ???????????????????? “


The relationship seems to be going well.

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