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Jameela Jamil Responds To ‘Munchausen’ Claims From Tracie Egan Morrissey–


Jameela Jamil just recently protected herself versus the allegations made by the advancement executive, Tracie Egan Morrisey, who claims that Jameela has actually been lying about her health problems and other issues for the sake of promotion.

Near the start of the week, the starlet protected herself versus Morrissey after the latter posted a story to her IG account specifying that Jameela was struggling with Munchausen syndrome, a health problem where the patient pretends to have a range of conditions for attention.

Morrissey’s claims versus Jamil went viral on Wednesday, and the 33- year-old reacted by specifying that the female wasn’t doing a great task of her research study. Jameela declared Morrissey was a “poorly researched stalker.”

When Morrissey declared Jamil spoke to her through Instagram’s direct messages,

The conflict in between the 2 women continued on Thursday night.

When asked by Page 6 about their relationship, Morrissey specified that she and Jameela have never ever actually recognized each other and have not spoken much either. She has actually primarily simply utilized the starlets’ social media as a method to highlight her habits.

Morrissey specified that other individuals have actually brought out their own Jameela stories, however she hasn’t exposed any of them on social media or in journalism.

Later On, James Blake, Jameela’s sweetheart considering that 2015, got in the middle of the conflict and posted a long defense of his woman on his Twitter account. Blake declared the allegations versus Jameela, for the a lot of part, have actually been totally outrageous.

Regardless, he’s standing behind her and all of her problems. As the majority of understand, Jameela Jamil has actually been an outspoken advocate for a range of causes throughout her profession.

In truth, she has actually sparred with other celebs like Khloe Kardashian and other members of the family for allegedly marketing and promoting items of doubtful worth. Jamil has actually triggered reaction at times for her discuss social media, which are generally related, in some method, to the body positivity motion.


The last time she feuded with another star was Cupcakke, whom she seethed at for promoting a specific type of weight-loss diet plan that Jamil idea was impractical for many people to attempt.

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