James Bond: Daniel Craig breaks silence on No Time To Die’s ending by dropping bombshell

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR NO TIME TO DIE AHEAD. It’s been over two years since Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond movie was originally supposed to release. At the time, Danny Boyle was signed on to direct the untitled Bond 25 with a script written by Trainspotting scribe John Hodge.

However, Boyle and Hodge left the project over creative differences with Cary Fukunaga taking over as director, while the Bond producers went back to Neal Purvis and Robert Wade’s original script.

The result was No Time To Die, a direct sequel to Spectre and the first 007 movie to actually kill off James Bond.

Around the time of Boyle and Hodge’s departure, there were rival stories with one suggesting the pair wanted 007 to die, while Craig and the Bond producers didn’t, and the other article reporting the opposite.

Well, it now turns out that the outgoing 007 star had wanted to kill off his Bond from the very beginning of his tenure over 15 years ago.

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James Bond: Daniel Craig breaks silence on No Time To Die’s ending by dropping bombshell

James Bond: Daniel Craig breaks silence on No Time To Die’s ending by dropping bombshell (Image: UP/GETTY)

casino royle and no time to die

Daniel Craig reportedly wanted to kill off his Bond when he started on Casino Royale (Image: MGM)


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According to Mail Online, the new No Time To Die edition of The James Bond Archives book sees Craig finally breaking his silence on the new film’s ending.

Apparently, 007’s shock death only featured in a small circle of real scripts while a fake ending was included in the others.

Associate producer Gregg Wilson, the son of Michael G Wilson, said the fake ending saw Bond climbing out of the rubble to discover he’d been knighted.

He said: “This is the first time we have had to keep elements of the story a secret.”

no time to die poster

No Time To Die is out now (Image: UP)

In reality, No Time To Die saw Bond injected with nanobots that would kill Madeleine or Mathilde if he ever touched them again.

So an injured 007 decided he couldn’t get off Safin’s island in time before the missile strike destroyed the nanobot factory, so he accepted his fate and was blown to pieces.

Craig is quoted as saying: “When I started as Bond on Casino Royale, one of the early discussions I had with Barbara [Broccolli] and Michael [G. Wilson] was that I would like to be killed off when I am finished.”

This bombshell would mean Bond’s death in No Time To Die’s ending was planned by the star as far back as 2005 when he was first cast as 007 in Casino Royale.

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Of course, back then Craig and the Bond producers were making one film at a time.

Nevertheless, the out-going star said “when I am finished” suggesting that whenever that would be, it would his preference to kill off the character.

At the end of the credits, there was the usual promise that James Bond Will Return, except this time in another universe entirely.

No Time To Die is out now in cinemas.


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