Jane Fonda arrested for the fifth time in a demonstration against climate change

Jane Fonda has made headlines several times in the past few weeks regarding her involvement in climate change protests in the nation’s capital. Fonda, who will celebrate his 82nd birthday on Saturday, so far, has been handcuffed five times until Friday, according to a new report from the Hollywood Reporter.

Celebrities and other political activists involved call it fire drills on Friday, and Fonda has been the main figure among those protesting climate change and raising awareness of the anti-fossil movement.

In addition, the video of his arrest was posted on social media. You can check it out in the link below:

. @ Janefonda has just been arrested for the 5th time to demand #NoNewFossilFuels and a #GreenNewDeal with #FireDrillFriday ???? pic.twitter.com/xZfMPWhWQQ

– Friday fire drills (@FireDrillFriday) December 20, 2019

According to some sources, the police arrested the actress and she seems to have appreciated it a lot. Last week, Fonda managed to avoid being formally charged. Fonda has written on her website that she will be on Capitol Hill for as long as it takes to get the message out.

On the site, Fonda said that she felt inspired by the movement created by our “young people”. In a conversation with the Hollywood Reporter earlier, DC authorities said that Fonda would not be charged with his previous arrests.

However, it is not entirely clear whether or not she will be arrested yesterday, although she spent at least one night behind bars after prior arrest. Supporters of the protest know that other stars have also been apprehended, including Sam Waterston, Catherine Keener, Rosanna Arquette, Ted Danson and Sally Field.

Previously, protesters had been accused of inconvenience, obstruction and overcrowding. In the past, Jane admitted that she was devoted to social and political causes.

Jane has received a number of highly distinguished distinctions, including two Oscars, seven Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTAs, an AFI Life Achievement Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and an Honorary Golden Lion.


Interestingly, Jane has the honor of producing the best-selling VHS of all time, a videotape called Jane Fonda’s Workout. It has sold 17 million copies. In addition, she married Ted Turner, the founder of CNN in 1991. They divorced ten years later.

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