Jane Fonda Reveals Her Biggest Regret and Urges Others to Learn From It

Jane Fonda, 85, recently spoke at the United Nations treaty talks to issue an urgent warning that humanity is “losing the ocean”. In an interview with CNN, she also shared her “biggest” personal regret, admitting that she was not the kind of mother she wanted to be to her children. At the press briefing, she urged the UN to set aside politics and special interests in order to protect the high seas. She spoke of the dangers of plastic pollution, overfishing, warming, acidification, and oil spills. In addition, she spoke to Chris Wallace on his show, Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? and admitted that her biggest regret in life was not knowing how to be a better partner to her children. She also shared that she is trying to make up for it now. Jane also revealed that she is not afraid of death after her cancer diagnosis last September. She expressed that she is scared of getting to the end of life with a lot of regrets.