Janelle Monae launches new colored underarm hair on Instagram

# Roommates, celebrities are always changing their hair in new and creative ways, but Janelle Monae may have just changed the game for everyone. In a new video posted on social networks, Janelle proudly shows not only her hair under the armpits, but also her new bright orange color.

Christmas is at hours at this point and clearly Janelle Monae is in a festive and holiday mood. She posted a brief video on Instagram swaying a bush of neon orange hair under her armpits. The new dye job is courtesy of famed hairstylist Nikki Nelms, who managed to squeeze another client before the end of 2019 and Janelle was.

From the looks of it, it seems that Nelms and Janelle decided on the unexpected underarm color at the last minute. Regarding the dyeing process, it is likely that Nelms initially used bleach to give the hair a bright orange hue.

In the video of the finished results, Janelle posted this legend:

“What color @nikkinelms has he dyed my pits in red, pynk or orange?” The winner receives a treat. Plus, when you have extra dye, extra pieces are dyed and I love it. “

You may remember that Janelle has been a fan of body hair for a minute now. In the clip for her 2018 enabling hymn “PYNK”, Janelle posed in white underwear with pubic hair peeking out from the sides. If you decide to try the appearance of Janelle’s armpit color, be sure to consult a professional, as using bleach can become tricky.

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