Japan begins construction of a tunnel to drain water from a factory "Fukushima-1"

The Japanese company TERSO has announced the start of construction of a tunnel to drain treated water from the emergency Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant.

According to the company, “the purpose of the new tunnel is to mix and collect purified water, which was used to cool the damaged reactors at the said plant, for its discharge.”

More than 1.25 million tons of radioactive water have reportedly accumulated in the steel tanks of the plant, and TEPCO claims that “this water has been largely purified, but it still contains tritium, the concentration of which does not exceed 1/40 of the local regulator’s standard” .

Last April, the Japanese government allowed a large amount of water from the station’s tanks to be dumped into the ocean, and the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed the plan’s safety, but Tokyo’s intentions drew sharp criticism from a number of countries, led by China. .

Available information indicates that “Japan intends to drain the above waters into the ocean within 30 years, and, according to the Russian TASS agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency will oversee this process.

The coast of northeast Japan was hit by a massive earthquake in March 2011, which caused great damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, parts of which were destroyed.

Source: Moscow says