Japan: deaths from accidents increase in tourist boat

THE media Japanese locals confirmed the death of another victim on Monday in an accident in tourist boat in northern Japan, bringing the total of confirmed deaths to 11 people.

The girl was one of two children who went missing after a tourist boat capsized Saturday with 26 people on board.

Japanese broadcaster NHK reported Monday that rescue teams had pulled the girl out of the icy coastal waters. The girl was unconscious and was brought in hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Fifteen passengers are still missing and efforts continue to find the rest of the passengers, as well as the Kazuo 1 boat.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, the incident occurred while the boat was in the waters off the Kashuni Falls, a popular scenic site near

tip of the peninsula.

After the crew of Kazuo 1 got trapped in the high waves on Saturday, they issued a distress call to the Coast Guard, stating that water was getting into the boat.

Contact with the boat was lost a few hours later and the Coast Guard launched a search operation involving a helicopter and several boats.

On board the boat were 22 adult passengers, as well as two children, as well as a crew of two.

The crew is 54 years old.

On Saturday, the water temperature in the area was recorded at around 3 degrees Celsius, with strong waves and strong winds.

The passengers, whose ages ranged from around 10 to 89, came from various regions of Japan, including Hokkaido, Fukushima, Tokyo, and Fukuoka in the south of the country.