Japan dissolves parliament, put on stage for general election

Japan’s Newelected Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrives with him official residence in Tokyo, Japan October 4, 2021. REUTERS/Issei Kato

TOKYO, Oct. 14 (Reuters) – Japan has disbanded parliament on Thursday, setting the stage for an election at the end of the month die will pit new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida against unpopular opposition in An battle over who could be better fix the pandemic-ravaged economy.

Kishida enjoys reasonably public support 11 days at work, polls show, many good for to be goal of maintaining a lower house majority for his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its Komeito party coalition partner.

“L want until use the election to tell it people what we are trying to do and what we are striving for forKishida told reporters die had gathered with him office.

Reflective on the last 11 days, Kishida said: “I have a very… busy schedule but strangely enough I don’t feel tired – I feel fulfilled.”

Voters will want to see government with plans for decisive action to end the pandemic and rebuild the economy. A recent poll by the Sankei newspaper showed that about 48% say they want the Kishida administration to work on coronavirus the most, followed by economic recovery and employment.

Kishidas party promote his push for coronavirus measures including the provision of oral antiviral medication this year, as well as his vision of to realize a “new capitalism” that focuses on on economic growth and redistribution of wealth.

the pronounciation party has also called for An strong rise in defense spending on acquire the capacity to destroy ballistic missiles, amid China’s increasingly assertive stance over Taiwan.

The biggest opposition party, the Constitutional Democrats (CDPJ), led by Yukio Edano, emphasized: issues like his support for same-sex marriage and different surnames for couples.

the LDP remains social conservative and while progress has been made on LGBTQ rights in society, Kishida said he wasn’t in favor of gay marriage.

The biggest challenge for Constitutional Democrats is their low point support ratings. A recent poll by the Asahi Shimbun daily found only 13% planned to vote for she, ver behind the LDPs 47%; most other polls record support in the single digits.

Also the focus of Kishida on redistribution and economic growth has faded policy differences between the LDP and CDPJ.

Edano said his party, if it would last power, would go straight to wealth distribution to kickstart growth.

“Wage increases and one-off distribution” growth has been reached.’ This is what (former prime minister Shinzo) said Abe. But there was no growth over the past eight, nine years and no raises,” Edano told reporters. “If we don’t divide the wealth… first, New growth has been reached. This is quite a clear difference (between the two parties).” read more

Recruitment in many districts is already underway but formally the campaign will kick off on October 19, followed by the vote on October 31st. Kishida is expected to hold a news conference Thursday evening.

Reporting by Antoni Slodkowski; additional reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka. Editing by Gerry Doyle

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