Japanese Economy Minister: It is difficult for us to stop importing Russian oil

Japanese Economy and Trade Minister Koichi Hagiuda said on Thursday that Tokyo would have “difficulty” in taking immediate action to reduce Russian oil imports due to the Russian military operation. in Ukraine.

Hagioda’s comments came during a visit to Washington after the European Commission proposed the toughest package of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, including the Russian oil embargo.

Hagioda asked the United States to increase natural gas supplies to reduce dependence on Russia.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Washington confirmed that US pressure against Russia will not meet its targets and that the strengthening of the ruble’s value indicates the stability of the financial sector and the Russian economy as a whole.

“We urge American colleagues to drop a tale counterproductive course and the pressure measures will not reach their goals and the continued strengthening of its national currency by Moscow has contributed to the stability of the Russian financial sector and the economy of the Union, “said the embassy in a note, released today by the Russian news agency Sputnik The Russian Federation as a whole, and this question comes with the testimony of experts from the same Western countries.

“The United States is aware that sanctions against Russia in the energy sector lead to instability in the hydrocarbon market and increase the cost of fuel in the world,” he added.

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