Japanese Prime Minister: the Ukrainian crisis could repeat itself in East Asia

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida warned Thursday that what is happening in Ukraine could repeat itself in East Asia if the major powers do not unite, claiming that the pace and stability must be maintained in the Taiwan Strait.

Kishida, who spoke in London after a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, added that it was time for the G7 countries to strengthen their unity.

He said: “Cooperation between nations that share universal values ​​is more important than ever. We must cooperate with our allies and like-minded nations and never tolerate a one-sided attempt to change the status quo using force in the Indus. -Pacific region, in particularly in East Asia “.

Taiwan, which according to China, has increased its alert level after the Russian military operation in Ukraine, fearing that Beijing might make a similar move on the island, although it has given no indication but one tale move was imminent.

Interestingly, this is Kishida’s first official visit in Britain since he became prime minister.

Japan condemned the Russian military operation in Ukraine and joined Western countries in imposing sanctions on Moscow. Japan has also provided Ukraine with non-lethal military aid.

Japan is concerned about the impact of the war in Ukraine in East Asia, where the aspirations of the Chinese military are growing, which has threatened to join Taiwan by force if necessary.

Britain, for its part, has declared a “penchant for India and the Pacific” in its foreign policy after leaving the European Union in 2020, and Japan is its main ally. in East Asia.

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