Japan’s Nikkei index reaches 30-year high as central bank maintains mary easing policy

Japan’s Nikkei Index Reaches Three-Decade High Amid Central Bank’s Mary Easing Policy

Japan’s Nikkei index climbed to its all-time high in three decades and posted gains for the 10th consecutive week on Friday as investors welcomed the Japanese central bank’s mary easing policy unchanged.

The Bank of Japan has remained committed to continuing the massive stimulus of the economy.

The Nikkei index rose 0.7% to 33,706 points at the close, after hitting a 33-year high in recent trading, according to Reuters.

Record-breaking Performance and Continued Growth

The index recorded weekly gains of 4.5% and for ten consecutive weeks it was up 22%, marking the longest period of upswings in 11 years old.

The broader Topix index rose 0.3% today, Friday and 3.4% for the week. The yen fell slightly while government bond yields rose slightly following comments from the Bank of Japan.

Financial stocks were the weakest in how low interest rates and the likelihood of them remaining low reduce bank lending margins.

Individual Company Performances

Canon shares rose 4.9%, to hit their best close in five years, after the imaging equipment company announced a share buyback.

Shares of the two rival companies, Olympus, rose 4.5% and Nikon by 3.8%.

Well the travel companies and consumer goods.

Shares of Japan Airlines are up more than 4% at the all-time high in three years. Cosmetics maker Shiseido climbed 5.2%.

Among the biggest losers were lensmaker Hoya, which fell 2.4%, and Tokyo Railways, which completed a share buyback on Tuesday, with its shares in drop of 2.5%.

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