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Jardim: With a good organization and a very good performance, we will win the historic final

Al Hilal coach Leonardo Jardim confirmed that today’s confrontation is historic between two of the continent’s biggest teams, with the same number of Asian leagues, and will enter the meeting with the players to present a big match worthy of the level of the Al Hilal team, in what is considered the confrontation of the season and requires full concentration throughout the course of the course.

Jardim said: I will enter in game with the full availability of all the players on the team, and we need nothing more than the support and support of our dear fans to win the fourth continental title and help us beat our tough opponent, the Korean team of Pohang Good performance and excellent performance will win the comparison.

He continued: “The big finals are not played on one side, and the club is always present on both sides, and whoever believes he is playing on a side that knows nothing about football, we will do our best and give everything we have in collaboration with the 12th player, who is the audience of Al-Hilal, and we will play the same approach as we play in championship and nothing changes with our great confidence in the players.

Jardim concluded his speech by saying: The Asian final, like other matches, does not require a long camp, in how much we have professional players who have the ability to deal with such occasions, and their presence with their families in recent days is more important than on the pitch. On the other hand, Pohang Stiller manager Kim Jim expressed his enthusiasm for today’s game against Al Hilal, and confirmed that his team has made a great effort to reach the continental final, which is a challenge for them, and they are obviously ready for it.His opponent, Al Hilal, and how strong he is, given that his recent arrival in finale doesn’t place any psychological pressure or anxiety on his team.

Kim Jin also stressed the importance of winning the match, which they came for and will never give up, despite facing Al Hilal’s team. in home and among his fans, and kindly entered in match without the complete availability of the team due to injuries suffered by some players of the team, forcing him to change his style of play and to enter in a different tactic, in how much Al Hilal’s style has been well studied and he will be preparing, given that he is facing a great team on the level of the Asian continent.

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