Jason Giambi says Astros cheating scandal ‘is no different than the PEDs,’ but here’s the problem with that

Jason Giambi is bringing the juice.

The former MLB slugger is no complete stranger to scandals, being among the posterboys for steroid usage in MLB throughout the Steroid Age. Giambi was outed as a steroid user throughout the BALCO scandal in the early 2000 s and would not provide a public apology for his part in the experience till May 2007.

In a current interview on SNY’s “Baseball Night in New York,” Giambi set out precisely where PEDs and sign- taking fall along the lines of cheating.

“Everybody is always looking for an advantage,” Giambi said. ” It’s no different than the PEDs. There’s constantly going to be things entering this game when you’re discussing people making a great deal of money and wishing to win.”

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The first part is quite precise. Cheating in baseball isn’t a brand-new idea. Babe Ruth apparently attempted to get an edge by injecting an elixer with sheep testicles. (No, actually!)

Babe Ruth was a supposed PED user too (an elixir made from sheep testicles). Bring the hate, I welcome it, I will turn your argument completely.

Barry Bonds is the biggest of all-time.

[email protected] pic.twitter.com/5rfoejJlUB

— Ryan M. Spaeder (@theaceofspaeder) December 22, 2017

But, there’s a problem with the second little the quote. On its surface area, cheating is cheating, sure. It’s like comparing a donut on a baseball bat as one you ‘d purchase at Dunkin’ Donuts (or Krispy Kreme, if you choose).

That’s simply about where the resemblances end. Comparing something individualistic to something that was extensive amongst a team is unjust. Which is even worse is up for dispute.

As with steroids, there’s no directly, objective measurement of success. Does it benefit a gamer to understand what’s coming? Definitely. Can you properly, properly determine what that worth is to a player? People have actually attempted, but it’s not as cut and dry as understanding a ball over the fence is a home run.

To this day the information of simply who on the Astros was taking advantage of the trashcan-banging experience (words that I still can’t think I need to compose) are still dirty. Some players were in on it, some chosen not to take part. It’s all a big gray location. A minimum of with steroids, we understand Giambi wasn’t injecting other players prior togames (Or, so we hope not.)

Through the years, Giambi has actually resuscitated his public image while cultivating a reputation of being a well-respected clubhouse guy and capacity future MLBmanager Ideally members of the Astros are managed the very same chance.

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