Jay Z and Kanye West are celebrating Diddy’s birthday together despite years of public beef!

Last night, Kanye West and Jay Z were present at the birthday party of fellow rapper Diddy! As fans know, the two have been growing stronger for years, so their reunion was a big problem!

It seems that the night went well and that the enemies were cool towards each other, even if they have quite the story.

Diddy had a great birthday party and there was everything you could want – even a reunion between Jay z and Kanye West after years of public feuds!

Are the two men friends again now?

Diddy turned 50 over a month ago, but he wanted to celebrate the birthday of his late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter as a way to honor him since she passed away before she was 47. .

For his big day, it seems that Jay and Ye pressed the break on their beef and landed side by side for the photos.

And that was not all! In fact, they even shook hands at one point!

The two rappers had a rather difficult relationship, but what seemed to really trigger their fallout is the fact that Jay Z and Beyonce did not come to his marriage and to that of Kim Kardashian.

During her stay at The Breakfast Club, Kanye had previously admitted that “I was hurt that they didn’t come to our wedding. I understand that they were going through things, but if it’s family, you’re not going to miss a marriage. I don’t use this interview to post negative things, but I have to tell my truth. You start to find all kinds of crazy things in your head, like “Why?” “

A few years ago, Jay Z also addressed their difficult relationship, suggesting that it has always been like this.


Specifically, he told The New York Times T Magazine, “It’s a complicated relationship with us. Kanye joined the company on my label. So I have always been like his big brother. And we are both artists. It has always been like an underlying competition with your big brother. And we also love and respect each other’s art. The two of us – everyone wants to be the tallest in the world. Do you know what I’m saying? ‘

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