Entertainment Jeannie May unveils the juicy details of her epic...

Jeannie May unveils the juicy details of her epic Thanksgiving dinner with Jeezy’s family – a special event


The relationship between Jeezy and Jeannie Mai is doing well, despite the relative secrecy in which they approached.

They are far from the first couple to want a private life around their love life, so this is not surprising for any of their fans.

The announcement that they were together, however, triggered a wave of comments from their supporters, many of whom were happy to see that both were finally a little more open about how things were going on between them.

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Recently, Jeezy decided to take another important step and brought May home to meet her extended family.

The meeting seems to have gone very well, everyone was happy with the pictures that were published later and it was clear that there was a lot of good humor in all this.

Loni Love, co-host, asked Mai, “So your man brought you home for Thanksgiving. Jeannie, how was it?

Mai shared: “It was an unforgettable and surreal moment. It was the first time obviously that we spent Thanksgiving together and we could have an intimate dinner with his family … his family is beautiful. They are all adorable and fun people. ”

She added, “They have crazy cousins. And if you saw Story [Jeezy’s Instagram], we made it an enlightened party afterwards. There was a DJ and electric slides … lots of things were happening. But that’s what was most significant. I asked her aunt, who likes to bring different dishes, to make me – and I threw her there thinking she was not going to do it – to call me … her name is Mother and I was like, ‘Mother, will you make me beef tails and chitlins?’ ‘They were not for everyone and she was like this:’ They are just for you, do not let anyone have them. ‘It was so nice to meet family and be able to spend time together. It was special.

Some fans of Jeezy and Mai were a little worried about how things were going on between them, but it seemed to be mainly caused by their secret attitude to their relationship.

However, things calmed down once the two men became more open about their love life, and it seems that things are already moving in a good direction – the TV host even suggests having a baby one day.


Jeezy is known for his more active attitude on social networks. So he will probably be the one who will make things more open for their fans.

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