Jeddah hosts the first international water polo tournament in Beach

The Saudi Swimming Federation, under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Sport and the Olympic Committee of Saudi Arabia, is organizing the first international beach water polo tournament, in the period from 22 to 26 December, at Makarim Al-Nakhil Resort, Obhur, Jeddah The Kingdom is for the first time within the activities and programs of the Saudi Swimming Federation, in based on its objectives of dissemination and development of water games, and within the strategy of the Ministry of Sports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop all the different games Al-Qudmani welcomed the participating teams and teams, wishing them all success.

He added: The Saudi Swimming Federation seeks to move forward to help achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals regarding water sports in the Kingdom in its various branches, namely swimming, diving and water polo.

For his part, the executive director of the federation, Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Yami, said: The first international water polo tournament in beach is one of the most important programs implemented by the federation as part of a package of activities and competitions related to water games, in addition to the federation’s support for sports clubs to spread and enhance participation in water games and support the honorable competition between clubs for the benefit of the national team of the Kingdom, which participates with two teams in this tournament, to raise the technical level of the national water polo team.

Al-Yami indicated that teams from Saudi Arabia (A, B) and Tunisia will participate in this tournament, along with Kuwaiti Al-Qadisiyah Club. In terms of match stadium preparation and other support services that ensure success of the tournament, God willing.

In this regard, the representatives of the safety and organizational authorities completed an inspection tour of the tournament site in order to determine the readiness of the facilities and the stadium where the matches will take place.

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