Jeezy presents GF Jeannie Mai to her family in a sweet picture

Jeezy does not hesitate to push his relationship with Jeannie Mai further, and he has made it clear to the world in different ways over the months since their love became public.

Recently, he decided to bring her home to meet her family during the holidays. The event would have gone well, without any unexpected surprises or surprises.

On the contrary, everyone apparently had fun, and this is another indication, in the eyes of Jeezy fans, that things between him and Jeannie actually become very serious.

The rapper also took the opportunity to engage his fans on social media. He discussed at length his relationship with Jeannie, all the fun they had together and expressed his admiration for his partner.

The rapper and activist also said this about his work during the holidays: “During the holidays, I stopped in one of my favorite centers. A turning point for at-risk youth in the downtown core. At least that’s what the company calls them. I see so much talent and potential in all of them. They have in them what it takes to defeat their dreams. And it’s the struggle and knowing that you can overcome everything. The way it starts is not the way it ends. You have it in you .. #Keepgoing! @Figgerswireless @streetdreamzfoundation “

At first, some of Jeezy’s supporters feared that he would not take his relationship with Jeannie too seriously, mainly because of the secret approach he seemed to take to the situation.

However, he finally managed to prove that he was really serious, and he intends to push this relationship even further.

Hopefully, the two will not encounter many obstacles along the way. However, so far, they seem to enjoy a very smooth ride, all things considered, and nothing seems to indicate that things will change.


Jeezy and her lover surprised many people with the way they approached their relationship and it looks like next year will be interesting for their fans.

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